Remembrance Day


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See link below for photos from the 2022 Navan Remembrance Day services 

The 2020 Navan Remembrance Day services at the Cenotaph had changed due to COVID19 restrictions.

Our Remembrance Day 2020 services were unlike any held in Navan before.
November 11th started off with the placing of the wreaths by one member of the NCA
Remembrance Day committee. Local piper, Donald Corbett, then performed “The
Flowers of the Forest” to honour all of our heroes. Throughout the day there were
steady visits of individuals to the Cenotaph of those wishing to pay their respects until sunset.

The general public and Heritage Public School teachers/students also viewed the video of the virtual Navan services.

 Afterwards the teachers engage in deep discussions with the children about the meaning of Remembrance Day. 

If you wish to view the video of the virtual services just click on the button link above.

Photos from 2022 Ceremony Click here​

Photos from 2019 Ceremony Click here​

Photos from 2018 Ceremony Click here