Parks in Navan

Clark Woods Park
1070 Forest Lea Drive :

Navan Centennial Park
1279 Colonial Road :

999 Smith Road :

Prescott-Russell Pathway

The Prescott-Russell Pathway is a shared-use pathway that stretches from Mer Bleue, along an old railway bed, and past city limits into Prescott Russell county. The trail and surrounding area is home to much wildlife. Watch for a wide variety of plant life and wildlife including beavers and beaver ponds, large and small birds, turtles, frogs and numerous other animals.

The official opening of the Navan portion of the trail was held in June 2011.

Pictured below Indigo Bunting and Black-billed Cuckoo on the trail (Tom Devecseri Photography)
Indigo Bunting_1J8A8877_WEB
Black-billed Cuckoo_1J8A8068

The pathway is for use by :

  • walkers, joggers, skiiers, snowshoers
  • dogs (must be on a leash)
  • cyclists
  • horse riding
  • snowmobiles, subject to City of Ottawa policy.

Motorized vehicles are banned from the pathway, with the exception of :

  • mobility aids including wheelchairs and scooters
  • emergency response vehicles
  • city-authorized maintenance vehicles.


Parking is available at three different locations. The closest to Navan is on Smith Road.

Trail rules are posted.