Navan Nifty 50 plus Seniors Club

In the summer of 2012 a group of Navan ladies put together a proposal for the establishment of a seniors drop in center for village and area seniors. After much planning and securing support from the Navan Community Association, local service clubs, local Church groups, the City of Ottawa Parks and Recreation, and the local councillor, the group finalized their plans to start up on September 5th 2012. Since then the group has met every Wednesday at the Navan Memorial Arena from 12:30pm to 4:30pm beginning the first Wednesday of September to the last Wednesday of June.  If you have celebrated your 50th birthday you are eligible to join the club.

Navan Nifty 50plus Seniors Club Charter Document

  1. The Guiding Principles in the formation of the Nifty 50 was to create a drop in center for seniors.
  • The club would be run entirely by volunteers.
  • The club would have a Chair person and a Co-Chair person
  • Potential Committees to be set up may include;
    • A finance committee
    • A food committee
    • A social convenor (for outings outside the normal gathering day)
    • Convenor for special events like Halloween, Christmas, games, etc.
  • The club would meet once a week from the first Wednesday of September to the last Wednesday of June.
  • There would be no formal agenda as the aim was for the members to take part in whatever activity they had an interest in;
    • Cards,
    • Rummy cub,
    • Knitting,
    • Just visiting,
  1. The Nifty 50 club would operate as an entity under the NCA.
  • The co-chair would provide a report to the President of the NCA at their AGM yearly.
  • Funds in access of operating costs including donations would be deposited into the NCA Royal Bank Account and be available for the exclusive use of the Nifty 50plus (Signing authority for withdrawal of funds would rest with the NCA Executive).
  • All members would need to have a valid NCA membership.
  • Annual rental of the Navan Arena upstairs would form part of the schedule reserve dates requested from the city by the NCA. Nifty 50plus would be responsible to pay for their dates.
  • The club may collaborate with other community volunteer organizations.
  • The club would be self-sustaining and be run strictly by volunteers.
  • Monthly luncheons would be put on for the membership.
    • All members could sign up to part take by paying the charge for the luncheon.
  • Coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and snacks would be available every Wednesday.
  • A coffee fund donation system would allow members to contribute in order to purchase food supplies.
  • All large expenditures such as rent, supplies (i.e. tables, games, etc.) and donations must be put to the membership for a vote.
  • All expenditures for food items, kitchen supplies, prizes, cards, must be supported by receipts.
  • Volunteers may choose to be part of a committee or just help out when they can (to their level of ability) with set up clean up, supporting an event, etc.
  • The purpose, focus, and direction of the club will be determined by the members.