Builders Wall


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A place to recognize and honour residents past and present of the Navan area who have generously given of their time and talents in an effort to enhance, build and promote long-lasting benefits to our community.

Recognition of “COMMUNITY BUILDERS” is an opportunity for us to come together to honour those who make our community an exceptional place to live. This is a lifetime honour. You are invited to become a nominator.


There are two categories eligible for recognition as a Community Builder:

Individual or Family

  • Must have contributed to the community for at least 10 years
  • Must have established or had significant impact on projects, events, and/or programs that have long-lasting benefit to the community.


  • Must be non-profit
  • Must have been in existence for at least 25 years
  • Must have a documented history of achievements in the community


  • Nominations are judged by an independent panel of three judges chosen annually by the Navan Community Association. “Independent” is defined as being those who are not residents of Navan.
  • Deadline for nominations is June 30th 2023.
  • Nominations must be submitted on the official nomination form
  • Four (4) copies of the nomination package must be submitted to the Navan Community Association and received by the June 30th 2022 deadline date. The judges’ decisions are final.
  • Recipients and unsuccessful nominations will be notified by July 31, 2023.
  • All nomination packages remain the property of the Navan Community Association.
  • Nominations that are not successful can be updated and re-submitted after two years have elapsed.

Nominations are to be submitted in a sealed envelope to the following address, to be received by not later than June 30th 2023:


C/O Navan Community Association, 1279A Colonial Road, Navan, ON K4B 1N1

And an email submitted to indicating nominator name and date package was mailed.

Should you wish a copy of the form in French, please email us at

Photos from the 2022 NCA Builders Wall Ceremony