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Important message to all residents of Navan

The Navan Helping Hands Network (NCA website – was created in order to offer relief to those in need during the pandemic outbreak of COVID-19. We understand that many people are in self-isolation during these stressful and uncertain times.

Find “Navan Helping Hands Network” on Facebook

A Facebook page has been created. Users must request to join in order to read or post requests as a Helping Hands Member. Rules are posted below.

Not on Facebook? No Problem

People with cell phones but not on Facebook can request to be added on a Messenger group (no Facebook profile) by calling or texting either Jackie (613-237-2373) or Matthieu (613-296-1120). Please review the Rules below.

No Facebook and no smart phone? No Problem

Contact one of the neighbourhood Ambassadors, below. They will act as your primary contact and will assist with posting requests and coordination on your behalf.

  • Jackie and Brian Moore – 613-237-2373
  • Matthieu Boulianne – 613-296-1120
  • Bob and Jen Price – 613-282-3294
  • Alicia Karn – 819-329-8359

How this works

Helping Hands Members or Ambassadors may post a request on the Facebook page or on Messenger when in need of food or staple products; Members respond if they can supply the item(s). All conversations following the initial call-out should done in a private chat or by phone (not on the open Facebook post or on the Messenger group);

Helping Hands Members may also post when going out to purchase food/supplies for themselves; other Members and Ambassadors can respond should they need something;

Ambassadors post a need on behalf of a neighbour or friend should that person not have connectivity in the groups.

General Rules

This is a volunteer group. No service or delivery charges can be applied; only the cost of the food/supplies;

Exchange of funds should take place upon transaction or by the end of the day. E-transfers (Interac) or cash only should be accepted (no “I owe you”);

Helping Hands is meant to be used for food or staple products only (i.e. no alcohol).

Description of participants:

Helping Hands Members (Members): participants able to post or read on social messaging boards (Facebook or Messenger). Members can request food or staple products, as well as fulfill requests for other Members or Ambassadors.

Ambassadors: participants able to post or read on social messaging boards (Facebook or Messenger) and fulfill requests on behalf of community members without connectivity (i.e. no social media, internet access, etc.).

Community members without connectivity (i.e. no social media, internet, etc.) are paired up with an Ambassador. When in need of food or staple products, these community members may contact their Ambassador (by phone) who then posts a request on social messaging boards on their behalf;

***We’re looking for Ambassadors***

Please consider joining this network if you are able to assist neighbours with pick up or delivery of food. We are actively looking for Ambassadors in order to pair them with people who do not use social media to communicate. Your help would be greatly appreciated. Please reach out to Jackie or Matthieu to volunteer.

Let’s get this started!

Please pass along this information to others in the Navan community.

Thank you

The Navan Helping Hand Network Team