Community Safety Zone

Welcome to the  Community Safety Zone for March ! 
This column will provide some safety tips for those intending on travelling during the week of March break. 
Prior to Departure:

  • Be sure to check the Weather Network for any weather warnings
  • Have a list of emergency phone numbers to contact (including insurance company and passport office)
  • Record passport information in two safe places
  • Do not announce travel plans to people or in groups you do not know well and do not post to social media sites
  • Take only the valuables and credit cards you need , leave the rest securely stored at home or in a safety deposit box.

Travelling Alone

  • Let a friend or family member know your daily plans and have check in calls pre-arranged
  • Leave resort and flight information with that contact person
  • When venturing away from your room leave a note stating your destination

At the airport

  • Do not place jewellery or other valuables in checked luggage when possible
  • Carry your passport in a shirt pocket when able
  • Constantly monitor your bags

Car Trips

  • Don’t leave maps on display
  • Accompany children to the washroom
  • Be sure to review your travel route and any possible construction detours
  • Ensure your car is well prepared for the trip (oil, tire pressure, etc..)
  • Have a Roadside emergency and first aid kit available.

Home Security

  • Ask a trusted friend to check on your home and to pick up flyers and mail when you are away.
  • Arrange for snow removal
  • Place two different lights on timers
  • Ensure that expected parcels are not delivered and left unattended outside the residence.

Hoping you have a great March break !
We appreciate hearing your comments, receiving your concerns and taking suggestions for future Community Safety Zone topics. Please feel free to email us at

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