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This months Safety Column focuses on thefts from vehicles. Milder weather provides an opportunity for some of us to park our vehicles in the driveway rather than the garage. It also allows more time for those with criminal intentions to roam neighbourhoods and streets in search of opportunities to ply their trade. Thefts from vehicles do occur and can be both costly and disturbing to vehicle owners. The following are some tips to help combat this type of crime :

  • Lock all doors and ensure the windows and sunroof are completely closed. This seems like a no brainer but there is still a significant percentage of thefts from vehicles that occur as the vehicle was left insecure.
  • This type of crime, in neighbourhoods such as Navan, primarily occur at night. If possible park in your locked garage or in a well lit area of the driveway or roadway.
  • Remove all valuables from the vehicle and ensure times such as loose change are hidden from view.
  • Keep your vehicle tidy. Any item such as shopping bags or backpacks could be seen as a carrier of valuables. If you own an SUV with an exposed cargo area, consider purchasing a cover to hide the contents.
  • Ensure your vehicle alarm is activated or consider purchasing an alarm if you have an older vehicle.
  • Be vigilant of who is around when you park your vehicle. Those that seem to be loitering around and watching your activity, or that of your neighbour, may be up to no good. Report suspicious activity to the police.
  • Check both your licence plates when you return to your vehicle. Criminals steal licence plates to use on other vehicles to commit crimes and the sooner the better in observing and reporting thefts of licence plates.

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