Community Safety Zone

Welcome to the Navan Community Association Safety Committee’s first, of what is hopefully going to be several monthly columns!

The Safety Committee’s mandate is to assist the residents of Navan with any concerns or questions they may have as it relates to public safety. It also acts as a liaison between our village and the Ottawa Police Service and/or City of Ottawa ByLaw Services. Your NCASC Director is Fred St-Pierre.

In this column, the committee will touch on an array of subjects relating to crime prevention, youth intervention and the overall security of our community. We will also answer residents’ questions, which can be asked through the NCA e-mail. So if you have a question relating to
any public safety matter, please e-mail us at:

For this month’s column, we will present the different ways of reporting crime to the Ottawa Police. First, for any life threatening emergency or crime in progress, residents should call 911. For any other emergency where an officer is required, the number to call is (613) 230-6211. To
report a theft, property damage, missing person or stolen vehicle, call (613) 236-1222 ext. 7300. On-line reporting is also available using the following link:

It is important to report all crimes, no matter how minor in nature, since police resources are deployed based on an analysis of the geographical areas where crime takes place.

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