Minto Communities Inc. is seeking amend the City’s Official Plan

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This is a heads-up for an Official Plan Amendment application submitted to the City for municipal addresses 2715, 2777 Tenth Line Road, 810 Wall Road, 2390, 2484 and 2656 Trim Road (and several unaddressed parcels between Tenth Line and Trim Roads) immediately south of the urban boundary (see Location Map).

The applicant (Minto Communities Inc.) is seeking amend the City’s Official Plan to have the lands re-designated from agricultural purposes to general rural purposes to facilitate the lands for future development.  No specific land use is being proposed at this time, rather the broad permissions of the General Rural Area designation of the Official Plan.

Minto is seeking this re-designation to support their contention that the lands should not have been originally identified as Prime Agricultural Land nor should they have been included within the Agricultural Designation of the City’s Official Plan, as they are not suited, in the long term, to continue to be protected for agricultural purposes.

More information is to follow and will become available on in the coming days.